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Mercedes AMG Petronas

Mercedes AMG Petronas

Mercedes AMG Petronas products

  1. Mercedes AMG Petronas 2017 Veste de Pluie D'équipe
    171,00 $US 136,80 $US
  2. Mercedes AMG Petronas Polo - Femme
    36,00 $US 28,80 $US
  3. Mercedes AMG Petronas 2017 Polo D'équipe
    75,00 $US 60,00 $US
  4. Mercedes AMG Petronas 2017 T-Shirt D'équipe - Enfant
    43,00 $US 34,40 $US
  5. Mercedes AMG Petronas 2015 Vest
    132,00 $US 105,60 $US
  6. Mercedes AMG Petronas 2015 T-Shirt - Femme
    36,00 $US 28,80 $US
  7. Mercedes AMG Petronas 2016 T-Shirt Court Manches
    76,00 $US 60,80 $US
  8. Mercedes AMG Petronas 2016 Polo D'équipe - Femme
    59,00 $US 47,20 $US
  9. Mercedes AMG Petronas 2016 Polo D'équipe Blanc - Femme
    59,00 $US 47,20 $US
  10. Mercedes AMG Petronas T-Shirt
    35,00 $US 28,00 $US
  11. Mercedes AMG Petronas Rosberg T-Shirt
    29,00 $US 23,20 $US
  12. Mercedes AMG Petronas T-Shirt Logo - Blanc
    26,00 $US 20,80 $US
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C'est huit ans après son terrible accident de rallye que Robert Kubica va de nouveau prendre le départ d'un Grand Prix. En mars prochain, le Polonais redeviendra le pilote de F1 qu'il n'aurait probablement jamais cessé d'être sans cette épreuve à surmonter. Alors qu'il croyait un tel retour impossible il y a encore un peu plus de deux ans, son pari est réussi. Le plus dur va commencer en ...Continuez de lire


Mercedes-Benz’s association with Formula 1 is one that dates all the way back to 1954, when they took part in their first Grand Prix. In the two years after their debut, the team already went on to win two driver championships with Juan Manuel Fangio. 

Mercedes’s incredibly successful F1 debut was overshadowed the following year by a tragic accident that killed their driver, Pierre Levegh, and 83 spectators in the 1955 24 Hours of Le Mans. In light of the recently ended World War ten years earlier, the German team withdrew their cars from the race in respect to the lives lost, and opted to withdraw from factory-sponsored racing in order to focus on other developments.

The company supplied engines to many F1 teams throughout the 1990s and 2000s before returning to Formula 1 as a team in 2010, 55 years after their self-imposed ban in motorsport racing. They have won two double world championships since their comeback - drivers and constructors in both 2014 and 2015. Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg are Mercedes-Benz's current drivers, a dynamic duo whose rivalry is part of a long list of F1 feuding between teammates.